TV show mentions : Tumblr vs Twitter / by Michel Lubac

Twitter got its ad business off the ground by selling marketers on the premise that its service complements TV, and now it appears that Tumblr is treading a similar path.


The Yahoo-owned blogging platform has commissioned a study by a U.K.-based social-data-intelligence company called Pulsar that says the volume of social-TV activity on Tumblr is actually much greater than on Twitter. That is, when looking at it through an 11-day window that spans from five days before the show airs to five days after.
Pulsar's study pulled Twitter and Tumblr data via Datasift and researched activity around four episodes of shows that ran in the fall and winter of 2013: "Sherlock," "Supernatural," "Pretty Little Liars" and "Sleepy Hollow." It also tracked mentions of "Malcolm in the Middle" over an 11-day period in December