In 2015 be responsive by Michel Lubac

Make it easy for customers to search and buy and find  your services or products online, it's more and more important today. Just consider this marketing digital study of consumers buying funnel of conversions.

Calls to Action : New on Facebook Pages by Michel Lubac

On Facebook Page admins, you can now select from a group of call-to-action buttons — like Shop Now or Sign Up — to add to the top of their Page. The seven calls to action available are:

  • Book Now

  • Contact Us

  • Use App

  • Play Game

  • Shop Now

  • Sign Up

  • Watch Video

Facebook's call-to-action began rolling out in december 2014, and will appear in the U.S. over the next few weeks before going international next year.

Focus on the right metrics by Michel Lubac

The best marketers set themselves up for success by identifying clear metrics they
want to effect before launching a campaign. Yet how do you define the right metrics?


Many marketers focus first on high-level campaign objectives such as creating brand
awareness, generating leads or driving in-store sales. But when it comes to evaluating the
success of their campaigns, they resort to measuring lower-tier, proxy key performance
indicators (KPIs).

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Beta Promoted Video on Twitter by Michel Lubac

Earlier this year, we began testing a new Twitter Video Card that streamlines video playback and brings a one-tap viewing experience in our users’ timelines. These tests have shown that Tweets containing native Twitter video generate better engagement and more video views than before.

After months of experiments and feedback from users and brands, we’re excited to announce a beta test of Promoted Video on Twitter!

Promoted Video builds upon the Twitter Amplify program, and brings a new set of video tools to high-quality content producers. By using Promoted Video, it’s easy for brands to upload and distribute video on Twitter, and to measure the reach and effectiveness of this content.

In the spirit of making campaign setup easier, we now offer advertisers the ability to run ads with a new Cost Per View (CPV) ad buying model. This means advertisers only get charged when a user starts playing the video. Additionally, advertisers using Promoted Video have access to robust video analytics, including completion percentage and a breakout of organic vs. paid video views. 

In addition to the improvements we’ve made to the advertiser experience, we’re excited to share that we’ve expanded the tests of our native video solution with select content publishers and verified users. The overall goal is to bring more video into our users’ timelines to create a richer and more engaging Twitter.

Video is an incredible storytelling medium and we’re thrilled to be giving brands, publishers and a subset of verified users the ability to share organic and Promoted Video on Twitter. If you’re a partner and want to start using native video, please contact your account representative for more information.

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Inspiring video by Michel Lubac

High school is a time of discovery. Figuring out a bit more about the world, yourself, and what you think the future might hold. Congratulations to the graduates, teachers, families, mentors and friends who are celebrating everything that's been accomplished these last few years, and who, like us, can't wait to see what's next.

TV show mentions : Tumblr vs Twitter by Michel Lubac

Twitter got its ad business off the ground by selling marketers on the premise that its service complements TV, and now it appears that Tumblr is treading a similar path.


The Yahoo-owned blogging platform has commissioned a study by a U.K.-based social-data-intelligence company called Pulsar that says the volume of social-TV activity on Tumblr is actually much greater than on Twitter. That is, when looking at it through an 11-day window that spans from five days before the show airs to five days after.
Pulsar's study pulled Twitter and Tumblr data via Datasift and researched activity around four episodes of shows that ran in the fall and winter of 2013: "Sherlock," "Supernatural," "Pretty Little Liars" and "Sleepy Hollow." It also tracked mentions of "Malcolm in the Middle" over an 11-day period in December

Press Relations Campaign by Michel Lubac

A beautiful relationship press operation conducted last weekend for the cave La Grotte des Demoiselles in St. Bauzille-de-Putois. 

A demonstration of slackline broadcast by majors french channels informations : TF1, BFM, FRANCE 2 and many nationals and locals benefits presses as well as strong activity in social media.

WordPress 3.9 is coming soon by Michel Lubac

WordPress 3.9 is nearing the station. It’s now time to start identifying and squashing some bugs.  Several major changes that will be important to know:

  • More polished versions of the live widget previews and the new theme installer
  • UI refinements when editing images and when working with media in the editor, including the reinstatement of some of the advanced image display settings
  • Audio and video playlists – links will appear in the media manager once you’ve uploaded an audio or video file.
  • HTML5 caption support (#26642) to match the new gallery support (#26697)
  • Performance updates for the formatting function that turns straight quotes into smart quotes (among other things)

Facebook advertising beat its ROI from TV by Michel Lubac

As measured by Kantar Worldpanel, every euro spent on Facebook returned 2.74 euros in additional Coke sales.

Coke's return on investment from Facebook advertising beat its ROI from TV

One campaign in France in the first quarter of 2013 to reintroduce Coke's polar bears

One campaign in France in the first quarter of 2013 to reintroduce Coke's polar bears

That was 3.6 times better in Facebook than the ROI attributed to TV ads. In all, 27% of incremental sales Kantar attributed to the campaign came from Facebook, but only 2% of the cost, said Tony Evans, head of vertical measurement for Facebook's Europe Middle East and Africa region.

What Medium Scores Highest ROI? by Michel Lubac

Surprise : in USA, Radio win !

Despite a recent flood of studies and marketer statements validating returns from Facebook and other digital media, radio beats most of those glowing digital ROI numbers in a study of 10 brands that advertised on Clear Channel stations. The study is from Nielsen Catalina Solutions, which combined data from Nielsen's newly acquired radio-audience measurement business with shopper-card data from Catalina.

[Sources : Nielsen Catalina Solutions]